Case Study:
Bringing Impossible Foods to New Zealand

A Flavourful Opportunity

Integrity Foods saw an exciting gap in the New Zealand market with the incredible work done by Dr Pat Brown and the team at Impossible Foods. With a keen eye for innovation and a passion for protein , they took the initiative to introduce Impossible Foods, a revolutionary beef alternative, to the country.


Setting the Stage:
Visionaries with a Difference

Directors Jonathan Burton and Ant Bullick of Integrity Foods have a focus on worldwide protein trends. Their journey is driven by a simple yet compelling vision, to present the best food solutions to New Zealand consumers, from around the world. They recognised the potential of Impossible Foods to reshape the way that Kiwis approach meat alternatives.


Discovering the Impossibility: A Culinary Revelation

Impossible Foods, a frontrunner in culinary innovation, captured the imagination of the world with their plant-based beef alternative. With its uncanny resemblance to traditional beef and a focus on reducing environmental impact, it was a culinary revelation waiting to be introduced to New Zealand’s discerning palates.


Seizing the Opportunity: Forging the Path

Integrity Foods identified a unique opportunity to serve New Zealand’s market with a fresh and sustainable perspective. Their responsiveness to market demands drove them to become the master importer of Impossible Foods in New Zealand.

Market Pioneer

By introducing Impossible Foods, Integrity Foods positioned themselves as a pioneering force in New Zealand's culinary landscape. They satisfied a demand for innovative, plant-based alternatives that resonated with a diverse range of consumers.

Culinary Diversity

Integrity Foods empowered chefs across New Zealand to diversify their menus. Impossible Foods added a new dimension of choice, allowing chefs to cater to a wider audience, including those seeking sustainable, plant-based options.

Key Strategic Partnership

Innovation in imports plays a crucial role in giving Aotearoa’s consumers access to the latest food trends. As the master importer for Impossible Foods, Integrity have partnered with a global brand to create a sustainable working relationship. We are proud of our successful market development with Impossible, and look forward to many more!

Join us in our mission to revolutionise the culinary landscape with integrity, quality, and innovation. Partner with Integrity Foods and let's shape the future of dining experiences together.

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